Message From President

Message From President 2024-01-26T14:22:41+07:00

Dear My Colleague Members,

It is with profound respect and gratitude that I address you today as your re-elected President for the 2024-2026 term. The 7th ACFE Indonesia Chapter Congress, held on January 20, 2024, was a landmark occasion that not only showcased the diligent accountability of the 2021-2023 Board but also marked the commencement of our journey for the upcoming term.

I am both humbled and delighted to report that the Congress has endorsed the End-of-Term Accountability Report, a testament to the collective efforts of the previous board under my presidency. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your trust, which was reflected in the acceptance of the report and my subsequent re-election.

Special recognition is owed to Mr. Budi Santoso for his noble decision to withdraw his candidacy, demonstrating his unparalleled commitment to the unity and solidity of our Chapter. Mr. Santoso’s gesture of solidarity speaks volumes about his leadership qualities and his unwavering dedication to our shared vision.

We recognize our robust expertise, diverse member roles, and strong reputation as key strengths. However, we acknowledge the pressing challenges we face, such as financial limitations, time constraints, and networking hurdles. Looking ahead, we are poised to leverage the burgeoning awareness of ESG issues, forge strategic partnerships, and harness the potential of digital transformation. We remain alert to potential threats to our integrity, including ethical violations, certification fraud, and conflicting interest.

We also highlight the importance of strong leadership, active membership engagement, efficient resource management, robust partnerships, effective communication, compliance with regulations and ethics, innovation and adaptability, a focus on member service, and continuous education and development.

We also value the role of our members immensely and delineate the expected knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for our collective advancement. These encompass ESG expertise, legal and ethical commitment, data analytics and forensic proficiency, stakeholder engagement, fraud risk management and sustainability integration, technological adeptness, ethical fortitude, and a dedication to adaptability and lifelong learning.

By aligning our strengths with opportunities, addressing our weaknesses, and mitigating threats, ACFE Indonesia Chapter is set to thrive as a dynamic and resilient force in the anti-fraud community. The critical success factors and member attributes will be the compass that guides our pursuit of a culture of excellence and integrity.

In light of that, I am dedicated to navigate the ACFE Indonesia Chapter to be the leading organization and resource for anti-fraud professionals in Indonesia, driving the integration of digital transformation, ESG trends, and innovative anti-fraud strategies to foster a landscape of integrity and transparency in business and society. This vision aims to position the organization at the forefront of anti-fraud efforts, shaping a future where ethical business practices thrive and fraud is minimized, ultimately contributing to the well-being of Indonesian society.

To achieve this vision, we empower our members to lead in utilizing digital transformation and considering ESG trend to advance anti-fraud strategies and ethical business practices, thereby creating a business environment with minimized fraud, fostering trust, and contributing to Indonesian society’s well-being through education, collaboration, and advocacy.

Moreover, the chapter seek to strengthen public relations, enhance membership, promote institutional networking, to establish a robust support system, facilitate effective communication, and foster synergy and collaboration among global and local stakeholders to advance anti-fraud initiatives and support the professional development of members within the Indonesian anti-fraud community

We also enhance the operational effectiveness of the organization by fostering transparent governance, optimizing financial management, and promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation, to strengthen our organizational foundation, improve member services, and  uphold the highest ethical standards.

As we undertake this transformative journey, our priority programs will include hosting anti-fraud seminars for executives, fostering professional growth through the mentorship and peer learning program, and encouraging practical skill development with fraud examination case study competitions. Collaborative research initiatives will further enhance knowledge-sharing within our community, while the anti-fraud technology innovation forum will explore cutting-edge solutions. Advocating for anti-fraud legislation through policy advocacy is vital to shaping a legal framework that aligns with our goals.

Moreover, CFE examination mentorship, ACFE goes to campus/school, and fraud awareness for rural, SMEs, non-profit sectors aim to expand our educational reach. A social media engagement campaign will enhance our online presence, and cross-chapter collaborative events will strengthen ties within the ACFE network.

ACFE Indonesia impact assessment will measure our societal contributions. Additionally, we will prioritize preparing audited financial statements, launching member fundraising and contribution campaigns, improving organizational structure, establishing and revitalizing regions, conducting administrative staff training, and implementing performance measurement and evaluation mechanisms. These initiatives collectively reinforce our commitment to excellence, ensuring ACFE Indonesia Chapter remains at the forefront of anti-fraud endeavour while fostering organizational growth and sustainability.

I call upon each one of you to lend your support, participate actively, and help oversee the successful implementation of these initiatives. Together, we will elevate ACFE Indonesia Chapter to unprecedented heights.

I am eager to witness the opportunities that await us and am confident that with your unwavering support, we will achieve new milestones in our fight against fraud.

Let’s continue to work hand in hand towards the growth and advancement of ACFE Indonesia Chapter.

Warmest regards,

Hery Subowo, CFE
President ACFE Indonesia Chapter